Google is filing for bankruptcy , read complete story here

On Wednesday, a Google spokesperson said that Google’s Russian subsidiary is planning to file for bankruptcy. He added that they seized the bank account and made it impossible to carry on operations.

The seizure of Google Russia’s bank account left the company with severe problems. The officials said that the seizure made the company insupportable for the office to function including paying Russian-based employees and even vendors. Due to this Russian regulatory filing on Wednesday published that the company will soon declare bankruptcy.

Alphabet Inc’s Google has been under pressure in Russia regarding the aspect of failing to delete content Moscow deems illegal. The company has also failed to restrict access to some Russian media. Google has paused a majority of its operations in the country. However, the company said that its free services such as search, Youtube, Gmail, and maps will be available to Russian users.

Google has also moved the bulk amount of employees out of Russia. Most people opted to stay within the country and leave the company. Some others opted to leave the country and agreed to work out of Russia ending up in Dubai.