Another Anonymous collective NB65 hacked and took 270GB of Data from Petersburg Social Commercial Bank (PSCB)

The recent tweet, claims that an Anonymous collective NB65 or Network Battalion 65 hacked the Petersburg Social Commercial Bank (PSCB). We discovered that they had taken another 270GB of their data. The PSCB operates as a commercial bank and provides financial services to customers in Eastern Europe.

In the tweet, they posted a message, which shows that PSCB were not expecting them. Well, their blue team sucks at patching the vulnerabilities, according to NB65. The Blue Team assesses security vulnerabilities and attacks in the operating environment and evaluates the network environment and its present state of security capability in collaboration with the customer.

Furthermore, they talk about that there will be no negotiations. The leaked data will be shared on the internet in the coming days. NB65 also promises that they will continue their attacks and push them to talk with the Russian president. The whole message feels brutal and scary which indicates NB65 is sick of the Russian Federation.

Another Anonymous collective NB65 hacked and took 270GB of Data from PSCB

NB65 make fun of their blue team by stating that they haven’t patched their vulnerabilities. So, they just grabbed more data. Similarly, when the Russia-Ukraine war entered its fifth week, they hacked a Russian television and radio station. As per the sources, they have acquired over 870 terabytes of data from the corporation and have announced that the material would be revealed soon. Anonymous has hacked various services related to Moscow, including streaming portals since Putin began the’ special military campaign in Ukraine in late February.

As Russia continues its cruel and unjustified invasion of Ukraine, there have been some notable gains in combating Russian cybercrime in the last month. To add to the expanding list of successes, it has been reported that certain Russian threat actors linked with Anonymous have turned against their own country and are attacking Russian organizations with ransomware.