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Hottest gadgets expected in 2020

Below is a list of devices likely to be in the headlines this year. Though many of these might be launched with different names and there could be other devices that will come out we are clueless about now.

Apple iPhone 12 5G

It has already been announced that Apple will launch the next iPhone at its fall event this year. The biggest question is what exactly the so-called iPhone 12 would offer to the iPhone lineup. Early reports hint at an all-new design, removal of the notch, an ultrasonic TouchID sensor, and 5G connectivity.

There’s even the possibility of a fourth lens, most likely a time-of-flight sensor, on the back of the top-end iPhone model for upgraded augmented reality experiences. And, obviously, by the time the new iPhone comes in the market – 5G coverage should be available in many more parts of the world, maybe driving more people to upgrade.

Microsoft’s Surface Neo and Duo

Microsoft’s Surface Neo and Duo won’t come put before the end of 2020, but they have already made us eager about dual-screen gadgets. For Microsoft, the devices showcase a new era for a company that lost the smartphone war to Google and Apple.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold at the early 201, it made a multifunctional foldable gadget that was more than a smartphone. Despite the not-so-positive reviews of the original Galaxy Fold, Samsung seems committed itself to make the next-generation Galaxy Fold, which many feel will be out as early as next month.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

This will prove to be a breakthrough year for the gaming industry – after all, both Sony and Microsoft are set to launch their respective new consoles this year. Sony has already announced that its next the console will be called the PS5, while Microsoft will launch the Xbox Series X.

Both companies have already started hyping the consoles, as the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X will hit retail shelves in time for Christmas.

Samsung Galaxy S11+

The Galaxy S11+ flagship is rumoured to sport a 108MP sensor with 5x optical zoom and 9 in 1 pixel binning. There are already phones with a 108MP camera, but Samsung is putting a large image sensor on a flagship smartphone. That’s unheard of in the industry, where flagship phones stay away from the megapixel war.

OnePlus Concept One

More than the OnePlus 8 series, we are eagerly waiting for the brand’s first concept smartphone ever, which will be shown off at a special event at CES 2020 in Las Vegas on January 7 and will last until January 10. If OnePlus manages to show us a concept smartphone with a never seen design, it will be a victory for the brand, which has made the flagship phones not only affordable but also cool.

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