Education and community critical for the growth of brands says Vineeta Singh, CEO of SUGAR

The CEO and co-founder of SUGAR, Vineeta Singh says, “Product is always at the centre of creating a wow factor- but it’s just the starting point.” She further adds, “After the product, comes the whole education and community. We spent the last few years obsessing about education.”

During the Brands of New India Mega Summit, Vineeta Singh speaks to YourStory, “Offline has been a game changer for us because it has so much operating leverage. She informs how different brand benefits from online and offline shopping. The CEO of Fab bags also says, “At a time when it is easier to grow revenue on the back of Facebook ads, there are some things that can’t be grown on steroids and one of those is community. Education and community will be very critical for the growth of brands.”

Have a look at the tweets from @YourStoryCo below.

She adds, “If someone wants to start a new brand, rather than building a me- too product they should should first think about niches that nobody is going after. Once you establish product-market fit, that’s when you need to look into CAC, advertising etc.”



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