Climate activist’s interview draws comparison to ‘Don’t Look Up’

An interview with a climate activist on British television has drawn comparisons to the film ‘Don’t Look Up.’

A ‘Just Stop Oil’ activist’s interview on British television has eerily resembled a scene from Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence’s Don’t Look Up. In the face of rising fuel prices, ‘Just Stop Oil’ activists have been protesting the fossil fuel economy.

The TV segment in question was debating whether or not oil protests are “justified.” The interviewer, who has been chastised on social media for being “patronising,” described the “Just Stop Oil” campaign as “very playground.”

Miranda Whelehan, a 20-year-old activist in the segment, spoke about the need to halt new oil licencing and how a recent IPCC report warned of an impending “climate catastrophe.”

Similar scenes can be found in the Netflix film Don’t Look Up, starring Leo and Jennifer. The film examines the current climate crisis and how various segments of society have responded to it.


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