Yuvraj Singh Arrested by Hansi Police Over casteist slur

Yuvraj Singh was arrested and released on bail after hurling a casteist slur.
Yuvraj Singh, a former Indian cricketer, was detained by Hansi Police on Saturday in connection with a complaint filed against him for using a casteist slur against Chahal.

In the most recent development, Hansi Police detained former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh on Saturday in connection with a complaint filed against him for using a casteist slur against spinner Yuzvendra Chahal. Yuvraj Singh was detained, according to sources, and was interrogated for three hours. Following the interview, the former Indian cricketer was allegedly freed on interim bail. Sections 153A and 505 of the Indian Penal Code were used to arrest Yuvraj Singh.

If Yuvraj Singh is arrested, the court orders his release.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court has ordered the Haryana Police to release former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh on bail if he is detained while cooperating with the investigation into casteist statements. Yuvraj Singh’s appeal for the quashing of the FIR against him for his alleged casteist comment against his former colleague Yuzvendra Chahal during an Instagram discussion last year was heard by a bench led by Justice Amol Rattan Singh.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court observed in a lengthy ruling issued on Tuesday that the Haryana Police is merely seeking a “formal arrest” of Yuvraj Singh in the case. As a result, if the cricketer is arrested after joining the investigation, he would be freed on temporary bail after providing bail and surety bonds, according to the court. On October 10, the High Court ordered Yuvraj Singh to appear before the Haryana police in connection with a case. The case has been postponed until November 18 for a new hearing.

Yuvraj Singh has been charged with making a casteist remark.

The former Indian cricketer was accused by the Haryana Police in February with uttering “objectionable comments” against a certain caste. Parts 153, 153(a), 505, 295 of the IPC, as well as relevant sections of the SC/ST Act, were used to charge the 2011 World Cup champion. The Hansi police have arrested Yuvraj Singh following an investigation into a complaint filed last year alleging that the former cricketer used a casteist insult against Indian player Yuzvendra Chahal.

Last year, Dalit activist Rajan Kalsan filed a complaint against Yuvraj Singh for allegedly using a “casteist term” to refer to his former teammate Yuzvendra Chahal. The former India cricketer received a lot of backlash on social media after the event. The event occurred during a live session with current India vice-captain Rohit Sharma in April 2020. The cricketer’s statements, according to the complaint filed in June, were intended to humiliate and discredit the Dalit community.

The complaint further claimed that the statements were intended to irritate the community in order to incite unrest and harm the country’s social emotions. The written complaint to Hisar police said, “I beg you to pursue suitable charges against Yuvraj Singh and arrest him.”