Shocking truths about Babur

There are some shocking truths about Babur and Babri Masjid about Homosexuality.

There are some shocking truths associated with the Babur and Babri Masjid.

As everybody thinks, Babri Masjid is not built to offer Namaz. It was built as the remembrance Of Babri. Babri is Babur’s secret partner.  Homosexuality is becoming legal in several countries nowadays.  But in Islamic culture, the people had accepted Homosexuality in the early 15th century only.

Babur and his Homosexuality:

Babur was a Muslamic terrorist king from the middle east. As per the culture, he was married to a girl. But he had no interest in women. He used to get attracted to men, especially adolescent boys.

These days, people who get sexual intentions toward children are called pedophiles. But in those days it was common in their culture. They used to force the young boys to have intercourse. Another strange truth is that this homosexuality is not limited to Afghanisthan itself. It was also seen in parts of Pakistan.

At the age of 17, Babur developed his homosexual traits. HE started to love a boy from the Urdu Bazaar. Throughout his autobiography, there are no traces of love for women. But he has mentioned hos love for that boy Babri. He himself told that he was attracted and his heart longed for his affection.

Babur has also shown signs of a pedophile like Ghazni. Most of the Muslim Islamic Mughal kings are pedophiles and homosexuals. They are habitants of Sexual slavery. It is common for them to keep young boys for the purpose of sexual slavery.

Babur named the masjid after his lover Babri.

Babur mentioned in his autobiography that he had not loved anyone like he loved this boy. He narrated that when Babri came to talk to him, Babur was unable to speak to him.


The Controversial Islmic church Babri masjid was built by Babur for his lover Babri. Many say that it is the symbol of homosexual love. It was built by destroying some Hindu temples. Later Hindus demolished the Islamic church.  Subramanian swamy tweeted about this in his Twitter.