Kathy Barnette, a Republican Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, referred to Muslims as “animals.”

According to an examination of tweets and internet information by The Post, one of Dr. Oz’s opponents in the hotly contested Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary has a history of discriminatory remarks regarding Muslims.

Kathy Barnette, a political analyst, made explosive remarks seven years ago when she compared Muslims to “animals.”

“We must cease acting as if they are sensible human beings when we interact with them.” In 2015, Barnette, 50, tweeted, “There is nothing reasonable about Islam.” She published an article titled “Pedophilia is a Cornerstone of Islam” the same year.

Barnette boasted of “confronting” Muslims in earlier tweets, and claimed incorrectly that former President Obama was Muslim.

“Most think ISIS is just the radical group. No, they are the authentic Muslim,” she said in another 2015 tweet. In 2017 she said Islam should be “banned in the USA.”

Barnette shared an image of a man dressed in traditional Muslim clothing with a sign that read “Vote Democrat!” in a 2016 blog post. We need your assistance in killing you!” The background included 9/11 terrorist attack ruins.

According to recent surveys, Barnette is neck and neck with banker David McCormick and Mehmet Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon and television broadcaster who, if he wins the May 17 primary and the November general election, would become the first Muslim ever elected to the Senate.

Oz remained silent when asked about Barnette’s comments. His spokeswoman Brittany Yanick said, “There are a lot of questions about her ideas that are plainly out of touch with Pennsylvanians.”

“I am concerned about Mehmet Oz’s election to the US Senate. “His religion is not one of them,” Barnette told The Washington Post, apologising for her previous comments.

Barnette has been outspent 358-to-1 on TV advertising by her well-funded opponents, and insiders claim she has profited from Oz and McCormick’s scorched-earth campaign.

Despite Trump’s endorsement of Oz and McCormick’s acquisition of practically every consultant in Trump’s orbit, both contenders are viewed with scepticism by the loyal.

Critics have targeted Oz’s previous statements in support of gun control and transgender rights. McCormick has come under fire for his ties to China.

Barnette is seen as a purist by many who are dissatisfied with both candidates.