Hunter Biden Email Scandal : 1,28,500 emails published from Hunter Biden laptop

According to website ddosecrets around 1,28,500 emails of alleged Hunter Biden laptop have been released.

Around 128,500 emails were allegedly sent from Hunter Biden’s laptop.
The emails are primarily from 2009 to 2019.
There are some inconsistencies in the dates and number of emails, as well as concerns about the chain of custody.
This dataset has numerous flaws, including evidence of tampering and misinformation about its contents.
See the list below.
More than one altered or implanted email was discovered in a version of this dataset distributed by Trump supporters and former staffers.
The tainted emails were created between August 31, 2020 and September 2, 2020.
The possibility of other potentially tampered emails cannot be ruled out.

Laptop origins

The laptop, along with other laptops, was allegedly left with a legally blind man at a computer repair shop.
The paperwork allegedly identified Hunter Biden, despite the fact that the computer store clerk, John Paul Mac Isaac, is unable to identify the person who left the laptops.
The laptops were never collected by the owner and were eventually deemed abandoned property.
John Paul Mac Isaac started going through the files on the abandoned machines.


Hunter Biden has not confirmed or denied the laptops’ authenticity.
DDoSecrets discovered some irregularities and changes to the dataset as presented, which warrant further investigation.
more details available at the ddosecrets