Former PM Imran Khan trolled for “1kg atta is now being sold at Rs 100/litre’, Know more

Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan was heavily trolled on Instagram, because of what he said while addressing the public of the country.

Recently, Imran Khan uploaded a video on his social media where he was addressing the Pakistani group of people and he said something which became a matter of huge laughter for the whole world.

Khan, while comparing prices of the Wheat Flour quoted the measurements in “litres” , instead of “kilograms”. He said, ” Earlier flour was sold at a price of 50 Rs./Kg, however, under the Karachi regime, the flour was being sold at Rs.100/litre”. As soon as the public noticed this in the video, they could not stop themselves from doing nothing but just trolling him for his words.

Often, people in Pakistan are noticed doing many such action which demeans them for no good reason. Infact, Imran Khan himself has been a part of too much trolling by both Pakistani as well as the Indian public. And now, his statement of measuring “Aatta” (as spoken in the video) in litres is again questioning his IQ as well as Pakistani public’s past decision of choosing him as their prime minister.


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