Controversial comments by Subramanian swamy over andhbhakts, Click here to know full story

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy became viral on the internet with another tweet.

BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy made controversial comments on his Twitter account on Friday. He stated on the Twitter that

ABs and GBs are expressing vulgar views on Twitter.  He has a history of making controversial statements. The full form of ABs and GBs is “Andhbhakts and Gandhbhakts”. He tweeted in his tweet that patrons of German troops are Hitler and Goebbel.

Subramanian Swamy asked who is patronizing them in the Indian constitution. He also mentioned some pet names such as bambino and TDK. While people are calling it is not a sophisticated manner to call others ABs and GBs.


Subramanian Swamy used Andhbhakts as a reference to blind supporters of Modi, while Gandhbhakts as a reference to followers of Modi who stink. Everyone is familiar with the names  Bambino and TDK.  People say that they refer to Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.