Zomato rings in Independence Day in special style

As India celebrates its 75th year of Independence, the celebration and excitement is all over the place. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come up with a new slogan for the special event, ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’.

Actors, Cricketers, Celebrities and people from all over the country are putting up the Indian tricolour on the social media DPs and cars, homes, buses etc.

India creates its Diamond jubilee, its a moment of proud for each one of the countrymen as we look back on how the South Asian country stands at the global level.

Moreover, Zomato, food delivery company has started celebrations in an unusual way. The company’s twitter post mocks the Britishers and creates a big meme content.

The British ruled India for over 200 years, and the struggle and sacrifice of our freedom fighters is something which we vouch for even today.

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