PM Narendra Modi commissions the aircraft, “Vikrant”, the largest built Indian aircraft

The indigenous Aircraft Carrier #IACVikrant, which is the largest and most complicated navy ship ever built in #India’s maritime history is finally set to be commissioned. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi will commission the indigenous warship, which has been touted as “the city on the move” .

Vikrant is built by the Cochin Shipyard Limited, a state under the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and  Waterways. The Indian Navy’s in-house Warship Design Bureau led in the further designing of the same. Vikrant, the name is kept after the prestigious predecessor, i.e, India’s first Aircraft Carrier. This carrier stood as the biggest help in the 1971 war.

It was built with cutting-edge AI  features and is the largest ship ever built in India’s naval history.

The warship is huge in size and shape. Approximately 262 metres long and 62 metres wide the aircraft is as large as two football fields end to end and 18 floors tall, explains the Navy via a video. Vikrant has 14 decks with 2,300 compartments that can carry approximately 1,500 sea warriors. To meet the ship’s food requirements, approximately 10,000 chapatis are made in the ship’s galley.

Along with the commissioning of Vikrant, India has decided to join a select group of nations that have the unique capability of designing and building an aircraft carrier in-house. As per ANI news agency, “the aircraft craft displaces about 45,000 tonnes which is definitely the largest warship in the Indian naval history”.


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