Indians and their skills ruling over every industry, Know more about India and its success

There has been no doubt that the Indian-American has consecutively seen a rise in the past fifty-one years. India is known as the highly educated ethnic group in the US.

Apparently, Indians in American countries have worked in all sectors of action. Be it medicine, science, technology, engineering,  or mathematics-related opportunities, India and its residents have conquered every industry in the US.

For quite a long period, the country India has been exploited and demeaned for its work culture and treated as weaker and less educated sections of the world. But there were always Indian residents to hold their country back. Not a single Indian had to come forward to fight and debate, for the country’s pride. No one shouted and created riots for the statements passed by other countries and their citizens on the Indians. Because actions speak louder than words, therefore India chooses to be the loudest in terms of its deeds.

Today, half the American organizations are owned by Indians, or they are the reason for the increased finance ratio of foreign countries. Here is the list of the top companies and the Indian CEOs who have taken over the finance dynasty:

Here is the list of all those Indians:

Google – Sundar Pichai

Microsoft – Satya Nadela

Adobe – Shantanu Narayan

Twitter – Parag Agarwal

MasterCard – Ajaypal Singh nagga

Pepsi – Indra Nooyi

Arista – jayshree Ullal

IBM – Arvin d Krishna

Albertsons- Vivek Shankaran

Nokia- Rajeev Suri

Palo Alto – Nikesh Arora


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