The incessant battle between the two major app cab services; Uber vs Ola; a small overview

The war between the two ride-hailing giants, Ola and Uber, has been a debatable issue, since the emergence of the two companies in India. The congested travel ways of the cosmopolitan cities of India act as a major cause of annoyance for many commuters who have to commute on a daily basis, due to multiple purposes. The app based cab service network, that has been built to meet the daily needs of the commuters have come out as an influential move in the history of transportation, providing everyone with an easy way of travelling.

The Bangalore-based Ola is probably one of the fastest growing businesses that has happened in India.  The company that is spread across more than 250 cities in India is an amazing platform that has helped and is constantly helping a lot of young drivers to make a proper use of their ability and fend for themselves and their families through their service. The Softbank-backed Ola which started its overseas operation from the beginning of 2018 has gathered much accolade due to its diversified services and the user friendly features of the app.

The Softbank backed Ola has a wide range of services that includes economic, luxurious and premium quality of travel experiences. The Ola cabs are very easily available and can be booked directly by means of a mobile application that can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. For booking a cab one would simply need to share the GPS of one’s location and they would be able to book a ride for immediate use or for some other purpose later on. The Bangalore-based Ola accepts both online and offline payment from its customers.

Apart from these qualities, Ola, which is the first online vehicle booking app in India, enjoys financial support from some of the leading investors of the world. The popularity of Ola, owes a lot to its advertisement strategies as well. Ola, since the beginning of its operation has actively used every form of media to propagate its thoughts and ideologies among the Indian population. However, the intermittent behaviour and rude conduct of the drivers are a serious threat to the overall performance of this company and has even led to certain legal issues in the recent years.

However, The US based app cab network, Uber, since its emergence, has also been extensively implementing innovative ideas to maintain a steady place and position in the Indian market. Although, according to some of the experts both Uber and Ola do not have a lot of differences in between their policies and services, the former has been actively trying to expand its modes of services by incorporating bikes, auto rickshaws, boats and many other vehicles within its scope.  In order to expand its business in India, Uber has also employed a potential team of engineers and technical experts to bring about a myriad number of developments to attract the users. A number of online cab booking companies have even tried to follow the business model of Uber, naming it as “Uberification”.


Both the app cab services have really brought about a dramatic change in the transportation facilities in India. However, the question that remains unanswered is that who will eventually be able to win over the Indian customers through their services in the long run.