How to fast charge your Electric Vehicle from the comfort of your home?

A new revolution in the technology began with the introduction of Electric Vehicles(EV). The low running costs Vehicles are partially or fully powered on electric power. It is the new and efficient technology which is environment-friendly as it does not lead to combustion of fossil fuels and customer-friendly as it also lowers the running costs. They are expensive, but it is more like a one time investment as you don’t have have to blow your money daily on buying petroleum and diesel.

Electric cars need to be charged like the smartphone devices or laptops but it is a more bulky process. When you buy an EV, first you have to make parking arrangements and then you have to take care of issues like electricity sockets, electrical connections and many more.

An Electric Vehicle stores charging into their batteries which powers the engine to run. It can be easily charging by plugging it into your home with the help of an EV Charger. More than 80% of the users charge their EVs by plugging it at night to let it get charged till morning, then waking up to fully charged EV which will provide enough backup that can fulfill the user’s whole day travelling requirements. But on the other hand, under urgent situations, you can also charge your EV outside if your area has a proper EV charging infrastructure.

There are two type of home charging available:


Charging speed: About 65 km of range on 5 hours of charging and 200 km of range on 14 hours of charging.

Trickle charge uses household electricity to charge the EV and does not need installation of additional expensive charging equipments which are usually used. Instead it provides charging through a standard 220V three-prong plug that comes additionally with your EV whose one end in the sockets and the other is directly plugged into your EV.

It can provide upto 13 to 16 km of range on a charge of one hour.

It is mostly preferred in urgent cases as it may cause issues of high electricity bills and electricity loads because of the use of household electricity. You should once consult the electricity provider before using it to avoid short circuit. One must use In Cable Control Box cable for maximum reliability and better services.


Charging speed: 6 hours to fully charged a 40 kWh battery car

The electric vehicle is still new to the world but the home charging option which made its place in the life of users is AC Household charging with Wallbox. It is the most common and recommendable.

It a very fast charging option which provides charging through a 230V outlet. It is 3 to 4 times faster than the trickle method depending upon the capabilities of your specific model and the charger.

It is an expensive way to charge your EV as it requires the installation of a good-quality EV charging wallbox which can be done by a trained electrician. Moreover, it’s bulky and you will need to have a garage or driveway in which it can be positioned. But sometimes, the local region or the country provide various financial incentives for the installation to cut costs. It is the most ideal way to charge your EV overnight and then use it for your whole-day traveling purposes.

Meanwhile, nowadays there are various smart chargers in the market which will let you know your costs per charge, cut it to some point and also balance the power drawn by your chargepoint with the rest of your home to avoid damage in your main fuse.

Moreover, a new technology is emerging, the renewable ways of charging. Solar energy or wind energy can be efficiently used to charge your EVs which will cut even more costs and make the technology even more greener.

But still the most convenient way to charge your EV is to charge it at a public DC fast charging station which will provide power from 50kW and above. It will raise the charge of your EV from 20% to 80% in just about 40 minutes in not-so-much costs. There are other even faster ways to charge your EV but they cannot be installed at your home.

The electric vehicle introduced as an answer to a large number of mobility, environment, costs related issues which the world faces. It is one of the most convenient technology which will make you ‘future ahead’ and for that you must learn a few necessary things about the EVs of which the most crucial one is its charging. The most convenient way is to leave your EV overnight to get charged with the installed system in the comfort of your garage and then enjoy its ride for whole of your busy day.