Computer History Museum shares information about the source code of Apple Lisa OS online

Recently, Fabrizio Degni posted on Twitter that the Computer History Museum had released the source code of Apple Lisa OS published in the year 1983. He also mentioned that it is available for download with the Art of Code program or initiative. To begin with, let’s understand the Apple Lisa better. Let’s also have a look at why it didn’t work out well but remains in the history pages of computers and the memories of many.

Apple Lisa turned 40 years on 19th January in the year 2023. And it is lauded as an important date in the making of the history of computers. Before we move further, here’s something about Apple Lisa. It was launched at a price of $ 10,000.

It was expensive compared to the price of computers 40 years ago. This also faced issues with its floppy disks. It also encountered software issues. Although it was targeted at business-class users, Apple Lisa failed terribly. What worked for many was its graphical user interface (GUI) which remains special in the minds and hearts of many to date. It was an innovative computer and no one would deny that fact.

Well, The Art of Code: Apple Lisa program is now here. It will share information about this historical code. Yes, you can download the code. Here’s how you can do it.

We would like to share further details about the same with you.

First, you need to fill in your personal details in a form provided on the official website of the Computer History Museum. Next, you will have to accept the terms and conditions to proceed. If you agree to the terms and conditions, you can install it and use the Apple software. Without clicking on I Accept you will not be able to move further. Be mindful of that.

The Tech Outlook Apple Lisa OS published in the year 1983.

So, what are these terms and conditions?

This is the Apple Academic License Agreement Lisa OS Software Version 3.1. The software use rights and limitations have been mentioned. A user can use, compile or modify the Apple software. They can also copy or reference documentation available with this Apple software.

The user is prohibited from selling, renting, or transferring the license. Other forbidden options have been mentioned on the website. Users must bear in mind that Apple Software is licensed to them for non-commercial purposes only.

The ownership is retained with the brand Apple. Appel deserves all rights, even those which have not been mentioned to the user. If a user fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the Apple Software agreement, their license will be terminated.

In usual cases, the license agreement will continue and not be terminated if the user is using it legally without ties with any term. Export control laws relevant to the U.S. have also been mentioned. There is no warranty for this software download.  Limitation of liability is applicable.

However, Apple will not seek more than $ 10 in case of any action or damage control. The user is not permitted to transfer or assign any granted rights without prior written permission from the brand Apple.

If a potential user has any questions regarding the agreement, they can write to the address mentioned on the website of the Computer History Museum.

Are you excited to explore the Apple Lisa software?

As per a source Mac Rumors, an event will be conducted on 31st January 2023 at 7 p.m. Pacific Time. The highlights of this event will be Apple and its journey with Personal Computers as well as the discussion about the reasons for the failure of the Apple Lisa.

If you are a tech enthusiast or tech expert, you should definitely check this out.


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