10 Ways To Increase Body Weight

According to Greatist Expert and trainer Jen Cassetty, there is a preconception that no one can be naturally underweight, hence naturally thin people often experience prejudice. However, persons who are underweight (especially men) are just as vulnerable to health problems as those who are overweight or obese. Significant underweight is linked to a variety of severe health consequences, including a lack of energy, dietary inadequacies, a weaker immune system, osteoporosis, and, in women, menstruation dysfunction and pregnancy difficulties.

Before starting any weight-gain diet, consult a physician or nutritionist, as you would with any other diet or activity regimen. Other health conditions that might be related to being underweight, such as thyroid disorders, parasites, or compulsive eating, can also be ruled out by a doctor.

1. Keep a Food Diary

For many weeks, keep track of what you eat and when you consume it to learn more about your eating patterns and where you might increase calories. Tracking may be made simple with online apps like MyFitnessPal and Fitday. (They may also be used to keep track of your real weight.)

2. Add it Up

Cassetty recommends starting with an extra 200 calories per day and then adjusting up or down based on your results.

3. Prioritize quality over quantity

Eating burgers, chips, and milkshakes all day, every day isn’t good for a body, even if you’re wanting to gain weight. Instead, Cassetty recommends eating nutrient-dense meals from all dietary categories. Whole grains, such as whole wheat pasta, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and lean protein are also good choices.

4. Consume food more frequently

Also, don’t miss meals! When you start adding more calories to each meal, it’s easy to feel full quickly; nevertheless, dietary alterations might cause gastrointestinal problems and even acne. Spread your calorie intake out among five to six smaller meals throughout the day to make things easier on your stomach.

5. Snack Wisely

Nuts, cheese, dried fruits, yoghurt with oats, avocados, pretzels, and whole grain crackers with nut butters or hummus are calorie-dense snacks to choose from. Pack snacks for calorie-on-the-go if you’re going to be out for a while.

6. Sip it all in

Choose satisfying, high-calorie liquids like smoothies, healthy shakes, or liquid meal replacements instead of diet Coke and other low-calorie beverages. Drink fluids in between meals to boost your calorie intake and prevent overeating on drinks during mealtime.

7. Eat Before Bed

Take this as your licence to indulge in late-night snacks. Because our bodies conduct a lot of healing and regeneration while we sleep, eating before bed can provide your body with the nutrition it requires. A PB&J or a wrap with avocado, veggies, and lean meat or cheese is a tasty option.

8. Make Goals That Are Achievable

Also, keep in mind to be patient. Weight growth, like weight reduction, is a gradual process, according to Cassetty. Gaining weight might take years, so don’t quit up if you don’t see results right away. A person’s weight increase rate is determined by their health objectives and present health state, and a physician or nutritionist may assist in determining an acceptable goal weight. Increased energy, regulated appetite habits, and general excellent health are all signs that you’ve reached your optimal weight.

9. Get Support

Cassetty believes that having a solid support system is critical during the weight-gain process, both to help gainers reach their objectives and to cope with the emotional challenges that might come from physical changes. According to Greatist expert and psychologist Ellen Langer, one of the easiest methods to acclimatise to shifting sizes is to spend time noting and enjoying how your “new” body appears in the mirror.

10. Put on a good outfit

Don’t put off feeling good about yourself because you’re self-conscious about your appearance. No matter how much you weigh, talk to yourself politely and dress in clothes that make you feel wonderful.

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