Who Killed the Dinosaurs years ago? – Volcanic Disruptions, or Asteroids – Read here

Million years ago the fact that dinosaurs were killed because of the asteroids striking on the ground,has actually come to a new conclusion after a deep- research. The breaking news, which once claimed that 66 million years ago, asteroids had striked on the ground and led to disruptions on earth and also caused extinction of dinosaurs are something that have finally been claimed as a lie. 

A new study shows that not asteroids, but the volcanic eruptions did the bad, i.e, they were the reason for the dinosaurs dying all the way around. Well, as per the reports, a slew of data was recorded in the year 1996, by seismographs where around 650km of area was explored all along. Later, the researchers concluded to a particular result, i.e four out of five mass-extinction events occured because of the volcanic eruption itself. The Assistant professor of Dartmouth College in New Hamsphire, who was also a part of this research mentioned that although it could be a tough thing to just count volcanic disruptions as a reason for the extinction, however, it is also impossible to avoid it as one of the reasons.

There is still no 100% assurance to the fact that volcanoes were the sole reason for such a big extinction from our planet, and it will never be known as to what particularly was the reason behind it, however this one scenario of volcanoes, with witnesses has to be worth giving a thought and not just an unreasonable pieceof advice.

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