Can Some Steal Money from Your Fast Tag using a watch like gadget?

A bogus video circulating on WhatsApp and other social media platforms has falsely warned consumers about a “new FasTag scam” in which people make money from digital stickers using a smartwatch or similar device. However, both the video and the claim are forgeries. FastTag transactions do not take place on the open internet.

“#viralVideo says that devices like watches are being used to swipe the #Fastag on vehicles, resulting in the fraudulent deduction of money from prepaid wallets,” tweeted the Press Information Bureau’s fact-checking Twitter handle (PIB).

“This is a #FAKE video.” These kinds of transactions are not possible. “Each Toll Plaza has its own code,” it continued.

The FASTag mechanism is discussed extensively in the Fact Check post. Each Toll Plaza has a unique identifier that corresponds to a specific bank and geo-code. The National Electronic Toll Collection System recognises this combination.

“The transactions take place through a secure internal system using safe internet protocols. Proper security protocols are in place “it was added