WhatsApp works on managing phone number visibility when starting chat with certain businesses

Meta-owned application, WhatsApp is working toward managing the phone number visibility when starting a chat with certain businesses, reported WABetaaInfo, the website that tracks the latest WhatsApp updates.

The feature of phone number sharing will be available for a future update of the app. The website also shared a screenshot of the update. In some situations, the app plans to ask its users if they wish to share their phone numbers when starting a chat with businesses.

In some cases, WhatsApp will automatically share and hide the customer’s phone number when they send a message to businesses via Click to WhatsApp ad. It is crucial to note that, all interactions with a WhatsApp ad will not be eligible for hiding the phone number, Times Now reports.

WABetaaInfo has written that when contacting a certain business and the phone number is hidden in that specific case, as happens with the phone number sharing option for sub-groups of a community, customers will be able to choose to share the phone number with them. The feature is still in the under-development stage and its release date is yet to be announced.

WhatsApp is also working in a group setting for the approval of new participants.

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