VRBO confirmed that it will not cancel reservations unlike Airbnb

Short term rental site VRBO plans not to cancel reservations in the DC area during its inauguration week even though its rival company Airbnb has done so.

The company VRBO said that “it was encouraging hosts to cancel booking”

Following the attack on 6 January on the Capitol where 6 people died. DC area officials said that they were encouraging Americans not to come to Washinton, DC, and to participate virtually in the inauguration.

VRBO through its blog said that they wanted people to stay at their places and participate in the online inauguration. They also requested people to follow and obey the rules of the officials in their local area. The officials are reporting the threat of violence in DC in the near future.

Airbnb is blocking all reservations in Wahington. Airbnb told that they are aware of the armed militia and known hate group. They had envisaged coming to DC to disrupt the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

Existing Airbnb reservations were canceled, providing full refunds to guests.