Google Calendar Offers New Approach To Prevent Phishing Invitations

Today, the Google Workspace team stated that it had begun rolling out a new technique to stop spammy Google Calendar invitations. This technique is now available to all customers, including those who still use the traditional G Suite Basic and Business.

You may now choose an option to display events on your calendar only if they originate from a sender you know, according to a statement from the Google Workspace team today. This will help keep your Google Calendar free of spam. When you choose this setting, email summons to events from unsolicited emails will still arrive in your inbox; however, they won’t show up on your calendar until you accept them.

Google claims that recognized senders include folks in your contacts list, in your corporate domain, or with whom you’ve already interacted if you receive invites from them.

Google Workspace administrators can switch from the default setting permitting invitations from anybody to the new setting at the domain level after the rollout.