The Boring Company’s tunnels now active in Vegas

Recently Elon Musk stated on Twitter that tunnels by “The Boring Company” is active for usage in Vegas. He suggested netizens to use them if they are in town. He also asserted that the tunnels would be expanded to connect all the major destinations in Vegas and the airport. 

Musk recently put up a Twitter poll captioning it as “Tunnels” while attaching the poll options as “impossible pipedream”, “stupid hole in the ground” and “both”. The option “both” received  a majority 62 per cent votes while stupid hole in the ground and impossible pipedream received 17 and 21 per cent votes respectively. 

Musk expressed on the results that there’s always a simultaneous reaction, “it was already done 3000 years ago” to every “it ‘s impossible” statements. 

Musk also expressed after mentioning the Vegas tunnel that he desires to do a Hyperloop demo tunnel between Austin & San Antonio. He asserted that it would be the fastest way to get between one downtown and another with known physics. He also expressed that the Standard model is acting quite resilient. 

Musk tweeted, “Would be cool to do a (much simplified) Hyperloop demo tunnel between maybe Austin & San Antinio”. Netizens had their own unique reactions to all the statements made by Musk. 


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