Russia reveals about Its latest powerful laser weapon!

Russia has claimed that it was using a latest generation of powerful lasers in Ukraine to destroy drones. Also they were using it for locating the Moscow’s secret weapons to use against Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin, the Russia’s President has exposed various weapons like the intercontinental ballistic missile, underwater nuclear drones, a ultrasonic weapon and a laser weapon. However, not every detail is disclosed about the features of this newly laser.

Putin also mentioned about a weapon called Peresvet which was named after a warrior monk named Alexander Peresvet. However, it is claimed that Peresvet has been already placed widely. This weapon could destroy the satellites up to 1,500 km above the Earth. Similar to Peresvet, a weapon called Zadira has already been tested in Ukraine.

Consequently, Russia has made a progress with the laser weapons. Using lasers to destroy the satellites was just an imagination but now has become a reality. The country like United States, China and Russia are been working on creating variants of such weapons for years.