Rajon Rondo settles down assault & battery lawsuit

Basketball player, Rajon Rondo has now settled down a lawsuit in Los Angeles, according to court fillings, from an incident which was two years back in 2020, in which the NBA star was accused of assaulting a woman in a parking lot.

Toktam Jorshari, who had sued Rondo for assault and battery, has filed a notice in an L.A. court, he indicates the party has reached to a settlement. The case should be now dismissed legally.

An altercation between the two parties occurred outside an apartment complex in July 2020, it also involves Rondo’s girlfriend.

In the lawsuit, Jorshari alleged that the Clippers PG was not happy about how close her car was parked to his $300k Rolls-Royce, which led Rondo’s GF getting on with the attack.

Jorshari has claimed that she suffered injuries from the confrontation after being punched in the face and head multiple times by Rondo’s girlfriend.



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