Poland’s Warsaw is on top and China’s Nanjing secures second in the list of public libraries

“There is no friend as loyal as books”

Long gone are the days when education did not have much role in the development of a country. Because nowadays it is considered a parameter to measure the development of a country. If there would be a large educated population the efficiency of that country would increase multifold than those countries which have a less educated population.

Recently data came from a World of Statistics that shared information about public libraries per 100,000 population. Warsaw stands first in the list with an 11.5 score. Warsaw is the capital of Poland. This might not be shocking as the next one is. China’s Nanjing City is in 2nd position with 11.2 points. If we talk about the last position holders they are Istanbul and Bogota with 0.4 and 0.3 scores.

Most of the users on Twitter shared their happiness about their country’s score.ย  But Indians seemed a bit sad for not finding India on the list. It would be interesting to see the move of different countries to secure their rank.



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