Newly launched Pro-Ukraine hacktivists group 2402team leaks Russian bank data

A newly formed pro-Ukraine hacktivist group has recently set foot in the hacktivists area. The group is identifying itself as 2402. Allegedly, #2402team has leaked Russian banking data of about 500GB. 

On the 23rd of August, at 4:00 am the data leak occurred. The leaked data is related to information that develops software for the financial sector of the Russian Federation. 

The group wished “Happy State Flag Day of Ukraine”. Along with that, they asserted that the listed bank’s client money will go to ZSU. 

The banks listed by the group are : Tinkoff Bank, OTPbank, Rosgosstrakh Bank,  Avers Bank, Agroros Bank,  DOM RF Bank, Bank Kazan, Metallinvest Bank, MS Bank Russia, Renaissance Credit, Cetelem Bank,  Surgutneftegazbank, Uralfinance Bank,  Centerinvest Bank, Chelindbank, SDM Bank and Anor Bank. 

With the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war at the beginning of the year, many activists group surfaced all across the world. Pro-Russian and Pro-Ukraine hacker groups launched a series of attacks for their respective motives. IT Army of Ukraine, NB65, and Killnet are some common Pro-Ukraine and Pro-Russia hacker group names, that have been majorly active during the cyber war. It has been a while since the last Pro-Ukraine hacker group formed. #2402team has put an end to it with their formation. 


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