Mysterious Cloud Resembling a UFO Spaceship Appears in Bursa, Turkey: Here’s More About it

The people in Bursa, Turkey was able to witness one of the most mysterious dawn they have ever seen when a cloud shaped like a UFO spaceship appeared in the sky.

Read more about it below.

The Mysterious Cloud that Appeared in Bursa, Turkey

People all around the world were shocked to see a video posted by one of the netizens in Bursa, Turkey which showed a cloud that appeared in the sky which was shaped like a UFO spaceship.

The video became viral very quickly and gained about 1.1 million views in a very short time. Many commented saying that the cloud is really a UFO spaceship and aliens have finally arrived.

The cloud that appeared in the sky, indeed had a circular shape with a hole in the middle, but is not a UFO spaceship, says the Turkish State Meteorological Service.

What had appeared is just a type of cloud called the lenticular cloud. They usually appear at a height between 2,000 and 5,000 meters in the sky and can be expected during Winter. They are formed with strong wind fluctuations when the air in the atmosphere is stable and moist.

The phenomenon is very common in places near a mountain range and Bursa in Turkey is at the base of a mountain range making the phenomenon something very likely to happen in Bursa and there’s nothing unusual about it.

The formation of the clouds is also a signal of precipitation and can be expected in Bursa in the coming days.

The cloud, however, can also be expected at other times of the year as well and is not a phenomenon that only occurs in Winter.

By now, social media is filled with pictures and videos of the occurrence in Bursa, Turkey with a lot of comments regarding the mysterious cloud.



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