Internet Explorer is finally going to rest in peace! Get the full story

Internet Explorer, the popular age-old web browser from Microsoft has been terminated completely. The software program was 27 years old and has officially died.

Microsoft has debuted Internet Explorer in 1995 and its main competitor was Netscape Navigator, the first commercial browser for the nascent World Wide Wed launched in 1994.

Microsoft Edge Enterprise’s GM Sean Lyndersay said that Internet Explorer’s contribution to the evolution of the web “have been remarkable, from helping to make the web truly interactive with DHTML and AJAX to hardware-accelerated graphics to innovations in touch/pen browsing.”

According to reports, Google’s Chrome is now a leading web browser with shares of 65% followed by Apple Safari at 19%. Microsoft Edge holds a share of about 4% in the market.

Sources say that in the next few months Internet Explorer will be redirected to download Microsoft Edge. If users see the old Internet Explorer icon on the desktop upon clicking it will redirect to open Microsoft Edge. Lyndersay said, “IE will be disabled permanently as part of a future Windows Update, at which point the Internet Explorer icons on users’ devices will be removed.”

Twitter is flooded with memes as soon as the news broke that Internet Explorer will officially be dead from now on. Netizens are finally bidding both respectful and funny goodbye to the age-old browser paving the way for others to come in the field of browsing history.