Facebook Update: Facebook starts trial of Dark Mode for its users worldwide

Facebook has some good news for its users, with the launch of dark mode. With this new update you will have a new look and feel of using Facebook. Facebook will be giving a sneak preview to some of the users slowly.

There is this white design, that is followed through its mobile experience. The design is quite attractive, more bolder and even better than before. Here is the picture of Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO showing it off.

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO

Facebook also tweeted the news via its official twitter handle to update us all with all the goodies that facebook has to offer. Here is the picture and the video tweeted by facebook:

Now all you must be looking for as to how to get your hands on this new update, don’t worry we have got you covered. You can simply Follow the images below to get to the new desktop version.

If you don’t see “Switch to New Facebook” do not worry you will also see it after the update is rolled out to all accounts.