Google Assistance comes with a new speech recognition feature!

Google Assistant has got it’s new update! It will soon be able to recognise your voice as a new feature will be added into it. Currently, the Google company is working on its new feature which is personalised speech recognition feature.

This personalised speech recognition feature can make the Google assistant more better at recognizing the words and names.

This feature can be seen in the Google Assistant’s settings. Consequently, for using this feature, you have to store audio recordings on your device to help Google Assistant to recognise you. Audio stays on the device and it can be deleted any time by turning off the new personalised speech recognition feature.

Also, when you turn on Voice Match, you can teach the Assistant to recognise your voice. And then to verify who you are before it gives you the results. However, you can turn on Voice Match for a home Assistant-allow devices like speaker, Smart Clock, etc.