Fortnite’s latest event features giant mech and its new season! 

Fortnite’s recent live event featured the giant mech and some of the hints of this game’s next season.

Consequently, before the event, the players were taken to a space station where they could stop time using huge cannons to clear the asteroids that were around the station.

Afterwards, the players were given a task which was to stop a powerful weapon which could destroy the life on the island. Actually, the space station was housed like a giant mech, a humanoid structure.

Fortnite is currently slow for its next season. However, few hints were given at the event.. This event has become a important part of the Fortnite experience. This one-time-only live events began with the rocket launch in the year 2018. And after that, they then have included everything from a battle with Galactus to an alien invasion to black hole. Currently, the game’s chapter has began with this event, however, the entire battle royale island flipped over last December.