Battlefield 2042; Season 2 is out now

Battlefield 2042 Season 2 details are out and the EA and DICE have put them on the floor. The sophomore season is called ‘Master of Arms’, and it’s all set for a release on August 30 on all platforms.

With the new season coming up it adds a new map, which is set in the Panama Canal called Stranded, as well as a new Specialist character, and certainly more weapons and gear, and a new battle pass with 100 tiers of content.

As for the new Specialist is concerned, Charlie Crawford joins the Season 2. His role is of a healer and support character who can revive players and refill their gadgets. He can also use the Mounted Vulcan minigun.

With the new add-ons, AM40 carbine, which is a mixture assault rifle and a submachine gun, another one is the Avancys, a light machine gun. The PF41 is a mix between an SMG and a pistol.

Battlefield 2042’s Season 2 also introduces the EBLC-RAM, a four-seat vehicle that also serves as a spawn point if players put a beacon on it. Polaris RZR also makes his arrival in Season 2, which is a lightweight buggy.

Additionally, Battlefield 2042 introduces a new feature called Assignments, which are progression tracks that allow players to unlock more weapons that were previously available only in Battlefield Portal.



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