The Nokia 7600 was a fashionable asset in the early 20s cellphone market

Nokia, a company that is foreign to none reigned the cell phone market for ages. It is very likely that Nokia gained atleast one customer from most households in the past. A brand that was popular for outstanding durability and longevity of their products, gave this world some amazing creations. 

One such creation by Nokia was their Nokia 7600. This device was launched in the year 2003. It was a stylish camera phone running on Series 40. Additionally it was also the company’s second 3G handset after the Nokia 6650. The phone featured a unique radical design. 

The phone weighed in at 123 g and was directed primarily to the fashion market with its teardrop like handset. The number keys lies on the periphery of the large screen. The phone featured a 0.3 megapixel rear VGA camera. It possessed a 65,000 colour screen that contained a 640 x 480 digicam for both photography and video. 

The phone housed polyphonic ringtone support. The built in MP3/AAC player allowed sharing of around 29MB of songs through Bluetooth, Infrared or USB connection. 

The phone performed amazingly in terms of sales back when it was launched. The phone is still very convenient in the second hand market. When 3G connections were hyping up in various parts of the world, this phone was an amazing option for users deciding to opt a 3G connection. 


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