Samsung S22 Ultra 5G Let’s check its pros and cons here

Brand Samsung is quite an important smartphone brand in the Indian smartphone market. One of its newest arrivals is the Samsung S22 Ultra 5G. Today, we will discuss the pros as well as cons of the Samsung S22 Ultra 5G.



1. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a stylish and waterproof design. 1. It is priced at INR 1,09,999 in the Indian market which is quite expensive for a smartphone.
2. It is compatible with 5G network connectivity. 2. There is no increase in the battery size as compared to its previous series models.
3. It has excellent camera setups with a main rear camera of 108 MP and a front camera of 40 MP. It is great for low-light photography. 3.  It has lesser RAM in comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.
4. This has a bright AMOLED display with an adaptive refresh rate. 4. It does not have micro SD expansion which is a downside of this phone.
5. Although it is water resistant, one must be careful with this phone. 5. The gaming performance of this phone could have been way better than this.
6. It has great zooming capability. 6. There is no headphone jack.
7. It is an amalgamation of a traditional display and modern premium touches. 7. It weighs 229 grams which is a bit heavier as compared to other phones in the market.
8. This is compatible with fast wired and wireless charging. 8. Although fast charging is enabled on this device, the chargers are sold separately. So, you have to spend an additional amount on these.
9. It has a contour-cut camera design. 9. The S pen consumes the internal volume which is definitely not appreciated.
10. It is available in colors such as Burgundy, White, Black, and more. 10. Discounts on this phone are rare to be found as it is a new arrival.


Hope this Samsung S22 Ultra 5G pros and cons may have helped in making up your mind while making a purchase.

Be on the lookout for any deals and offers if applicable. Stay connected with us for more such tech-related news as well as the latest updates in the world of technology and innovation.


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