Samsung F62 phone batteries have been swelling up a lot recently, check out the recent incident

A Twitter user @SuMaNMaNdal has recently tweeted his disappointment regarding the Samsung phone battery swelling up. The model he used was a Samsung F26 phone with a battery capacity of 7000 mAh. He said he had bought the phone last year, and the condition of the battery was swelled up in such a short period. It has made him conclude not to buy any Samsung products anymore.

He said it was a total waste of money as the phone didn’t even last for a year. The phone has stopped working for the past few days and is left lying at his desk.

Is this the first time such a problem is being reported?

No, this isn’t the first time that such a problem is being reported. Samsung has historically experienced alarming battery problems. Mrwhosetheboss, another YouTube name for Arun Maini, had previously dealt with inflated Samsung phone batteries. He posted a video he had made on the issue to his YouTube page.

He learned from numerous other reviewers that their Samsung phones were beginning to expand after he tweeted about the bulging batteries.

What leads to the batteries swelling up?

In lithium-ion batteries, a chemical reaction generates power. When the battery ages, this chemical reaction cannot be fully finished, which can result in the creation of gas. The battery will swell and become sicker as a result of this gas.

Due to breakage or other flaws, the interior layers of the battery may not maintain their normal separation. It can cause swelling or, in rare cases, even an explosion. If you recall the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 incident, a defect may have been to blame for the devices’ tendency to catch fire.


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