Oppo set to introduce FIDO Alliance standards to enhance authentication system

Oppo is determined to implement FIDO Alliance standards to enhance the authentication security on its smart devices. 

According to Oppo, this measure will reshape benefits for its users by making access to multiple accounts and devices very easy. 

The Chinese Vendor asserted that it will implement systems which are based on the present FIDO Alliance specifications. This specifications use public passkey cryptography to facilitate a single sign-on mechanism. 

Moreover, Oppo is also planning to contribute to the development of further possible specifications. This decision come in with the goal of making users capable of using their smartphone as a passkey for services across various browsers, apps and platforms. 

Oppo has claimed that this will pave way for a seamless connected experience on the existing and upcoming devices. 

The FIDO Alliance was established in the year 2012 with the aim of developing certain standards which could enable password-free user authentication and login. Oppo expressed the ins and outs of the latest specification. It stated that the new specification provides a secure and convenient technical framework”. This has attracted Qualcomm, Microsoft and Google. 

Oppo also emphasized that a single user nowadays possess multiple online accounts which lays down a challenge of password management. 

It also noted that password-only authentication processes introduces challenges like ‘high-administration costs’ of varying users’ credentials along with vulnerabilities that weak passwords may initiate. 

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