Nintendo makes list to hike prices of their products, Nintendo Switch console excluded

Inflation saw the price to hike in many Nintendo products recently. However, Nintendo’s Switch console  won’t be added to this list. They asserted in reports that they had no plans to increase the trade prices of its hardware. 

This information comes in after a weeklong of Surprise price increase on Sony’s PlayStation 5 console in many regions. The regions listed according to reports are available in UK, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico and Canada. 

There has been more steep rises in the prices of products. Previously this week, the market aso saw the increase of Meta’s Quest 2 VR headset by $100.  

However, this impact fuelled by inflation on tech products  is harder to spot compared to more widespread price hikes at the store. This comes in a situation when many companies are hiking up the price for new and existing products. Irrespective of the products being sold or not, it has also come to the notice that the possibility of impact by a new crew is unknown. However, one thing is clear that it does not include Nintendo Switch. 

Mr Furukawa, company president asserted in reports that the organization will determine their upcoming pricing strategies through careful and continuous deliberations. Additionally he added that retailers always determine the final price to products. 


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