U.S government offers 10 million for giving details of Conti ransomware gang members

The U.S government has announced that it will give a reward upto $10 million for the ones who will provide the information about the gang members of the Conti ransomware.

Conti ransomware gang is a Russia-based cybercrime group under the Wizard Spider pseudonym. These groups cyberattacks it’s target by Conti ransomware, which is a damaging threat actor that encrypts data and spreads to other systems.

The cybercriminal group has created a havoc across the world. Till January 2022, more than 1,000 entities were victims of cyberattacks associated with Conti ransomware and around 150 million payouts were given to this group.

Accordingly, the U.S government has revealed the names of the Conti associates, which are “Tramp,” “Dandis,” “Professor,” “Reshaev” and “Target” and has announced the reward for the one who would give details about these gang members.

Initially, the government also offered a reward on May 6, promising $10 million for the source who will give information leading to the identification of these Conti members. An additional $5 million reward was also declared to the ones who could give information leading to the conviction of anybody in any country, taking part in Conti ransomware attack.



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