Verizon postpaid service charge hike has led it to lose thousand of users see what more on it

As the price goes up customers’ numbers go down and the same is happening with Verizon. Its recent price hike has caused it to lose 189,000 wireless postpaid phone users which it reported in its third-quarter earnings. Verizon uses the metrics of month-end postpaid users’ pay as a deciding factor in whether they have got a hike or not.

Those users who left Verizon seem to have joined AT&T. They have reported that they saw a hike of 708,000 postpaid phone customers in the same period. This trend of increasing prices started back in July increasing the price of some of the administrative fees it charges as well as hiking up the rates for those on older, shared data plans.

This is led to the loss of 215,000 consumer postpaid phone subscribers during the second quarter. It would be interesting to see the further steps by Verizon as it would decide the fate of this company.


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