Starlink to increase its subscription rates by 15 USD in Ukrain

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has increased the costs for all customers of its Starlink satellite internet service due to an increase in its demand and the failure of its communication networks.

The price has already increased by $385 this year and now it’s set to be increased again up to $700 for the new Ukrainian consumers.

Along with the increase in its price, it has also increased its monthly subscription prices to $70 from $60. This is also done to come up with the loss of its network failure during the Russian assault on Ukraine using EMP weapons.

According to the report, prices have also increased in neighboring Poland, where many Ukrainians purchase Starlink in order to avoid issues with domestic mail delivery.

As previously reported, SpaceX requested that the US Department of Defense pay $4,500 a month for each terminal destined for Ukraine. Discussions between the two parties have been continuing.

Days after Russia’s invasion began on February 24, Elon Musk responded to a request from a Ukrainian minister on Twitter by turning on the connection for the satellite-based service inside of Ukraine.




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