Reliance Jio tweets “True 5G”, launch to happen in October

Reliance, the most effectively approachable company, is now at the peak of promoting its new launch of 5G. The company recently announced its initiative to offer 5G services to users worldwide. The information was revealed by the chairman and MD of Reliance Industries, Mr. Mukesh Ambani, himself.

Now, the official Reliance Jio Twitter account has been seen tweeting “True 5G” to inform its users about the launch and to assist them in building trust in 5G. Mukesh Ambani informed us that the services will be actively provided by the month of October this year. Initially, it is going to be launched in only the top four metro cities: Delhi,Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. However , by December 2023, the services will reach larger sections of the country as well.



Reliance has a tie up with certain huge organisations like Google and Meta for its smooth execution of the plan. Users, along with the owners of the industry, expect a good outcome of this launch as it will bring an expected boost in certain industries, including but not restricted to, mining, warehousing, and manufacturing.

According to the sources, Ambani has invested around $25 billion in these services. The tweet “True 5G” is still expected to be true while it offers its services to the users. Mukesh Ambani, on the launch, said, “Jio 5G services will connect everyone, every place, and everything with the highest quality and affordability. We are committed to making India a data-powered economy, even ahead of China and the US.” Well , seems like Jio will have to face competitors like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone with their new launches and services as well. Customers might be drawn to 5g at the same time, so none of them would remain silent. Let’s see what kind of strategies the competing industries bring on board to land at the same page as of Reliance Jio

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