Reliance JIO Has Introduced Work From Home Plan At Just ₹251.

After BSNL and ACT fibernet introduced there work from home plans during this nCOV19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak, Reliance JIO didn’t want to be left behind. So Reliance JIO has launched a plan for people who are doing work for home during this Corona Virus Outbreak.

After following government orders, a lot of companies have been told to make there employees work from home. So different companies have been offering different plans to cater to there customers.

Here are some of the benefits of Reliance JIO ₹251 plan

  • This plan will offer 2GB of data download everyday.
  • This plan will be valid for 51 Days.
  • This plan will not provide any SMS or Calling balance.
  • This plan will offer high speed data which will total to 120GB.
  • After plan exhaustion, customers can still enjoy internet at low speed of 64kbps.
  • At low speed, videos may not buffer properly.

Reliance JIO has recently made an effort to help its customers, by offering them double the data on its other plans also. So we think in these hard times, companies are also making an effort to make there customers HAPPY!