Redefining fiber broadband deployment with the introduction of SDN virtualization: NOKIA and American Tower announced

The Japanese brand NOKIA recently announced its deployment of the Altiplano Open Access solution. It has announced the American Tower’s fibre-to-the-home FTTH. This infrastructure came out in Argentina. Virtualization is used to share network resources.

It is enabling wholesale fibre network access. This is being done on a NaaS also known as Network as a Service basis. American Tower has three virtual network operator rental operators in Argentine. It is the only operator in Argentina.

NOKIA is the only supplier and that is exactly why this is working so well in Argentina. It is present in more than one million homes in Argentina.

It is a model by a neutral host. Investors are building networks and leasing the wholesale capacity to tenant operators under this model. It is constantly growing in the market. Mobile networks are ever-expanding.

Such neutral models have a low cost. They also attract sources of capital which are fresh and new. The Fibre to the Home also known as the FTTH market is driven further by these neutral models. The profits are higher than the traditional methods.

As per studies, profits are often 3 times higher than the traditional telcos. Investment fibre companies truly do seem to work. Sandy Motley, the President of Fixed Networks at NOKIA shared thoughts about open fibre companies and neutral host models which has been fruitful.

NOKIA is well known for its services. It supports Altiplano integration as well as provides great cloud or network support. The implementation is faster than ever and it is great.


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