OnePlus users get ready to experience the world class internet service of 5G by Jio 

As soon as Jio launched its 5G service in India it was vigorously trying to make phones available in the market compatible with this service. With each passing day every other phone is becoming Jio 5G compatible.

Now it’s Oneplus time because Oneplus Nord is ready to come up with jio 5G service and with that Android security patch. Basically, these two things would be included in the update of Oxygen OS F16.

Overall this service is going to increase the performance of your phone and fluidity too. As per the oneplus the service would be only available to a small percentage of futures initially. Indian oneplus uses when also able to submit their bugs by opening the Google dialer in typing #800#.

These are some of the services that only Indian users will see in oneplus rest, It would be interesting to see who else joins the clan of 5G phones and when.


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