On Thursday morning, Verizon Communications Internet service was down for thousand of people

The Dow Jones Industrial Average includes the American multinational telecommunications company Verizon Communications Inc., better known as Verizon. The company was founded in Delaware, but its headquarters are in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, at 1095 Avenue of the Americas.

On Thursday morning, Verizon Communications Inc had a problem. According to the outage tracking website Downdetector.com, Verizon Communications Inc. was to blame for hundreds of users being unable to access the internet on Thursday.

More than two thousand users reported issues with the wireless carrier, according to Downdetector, which tracks outages by aggregating status updates from multiple sources, including user-submitted errors on its platform.

The number of incidents reporting the outage in the United States has dropped to roughly 200, according to Downdetector, a website that gathers status data from several sources.

Fayetteville, New York City, Miami, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Baltimore, Fort Bragg, and Santa Rosa had the most occurrences affecting the company’s broadband internet and phone services, as well as mobile and landline communications services. The disturbance reached its height on Thursday about 12 a.m. ET.


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