Jio is down in parts of Mumbai, here is what you can do

In the Mumbai telecom circle, Reliance Jio networks are apparently down. Calls to and from Reliance Jio numbers have been reported as being unable to connect by a number of users.

Many Jio subscribers have stated on Twitter that they are currently unable to make any cellular calls using their Jio numbers. People with non-Jio numbers, on the other hand, are apparently unable to patch a call to those with Jio numbers.

The particular issue that is causing the outage has yet to be confirmed by Jio, but we should get an official update soon enough. It’s also unclear whether Jio networks in other parts of the Mumbai telecom circle are experiencing any outages.

Reliance Jio has been contacted by for a statement on the disruption.

What can you do in the meantime?

Jio consumers can communicate using an alternate number till the problem is rectified. If that isn’t an option, connect to a local WiFi network and use internet-based calling services like WhatsApp Calls, which should function perfectly.