iPhone13 vs Pixel 7 5G speed test: Guess who is the winner?

Recently, a post has been circulated that showed how the iPhone and Google Pixel had different network speeds when compared side by side, with the same network carrier Airtel.

iPhone13 vs Pixel 7 5G speed test

iPhone 13 had an internet speed of 47 Mbps and Google Pixel 7 had an internet speed of 16 Mbps. Now even though both phones are using the same network strength and carrier, and were tested at the same place the speed of their internet varied. Now, the exact reason is still not sure but there might be various factors it could depend on. Earlier, iPhone had mentioned this issue, but it was cured by using a software update, the operators may find the issues and fix them, which means the network might be stable after an updated software version.

Image Source : Twitter

Why do cell phones in India still not have 5G capability?

Since 5G has been launched in India officially, the speed might do wonders now, and even a lot of mobile brands are bringing up new models which would support 5G sim cards. It was even reported that smartphone companies in India would stop manufacturing 4G-only phones costing over Rs. 10,000 and would move to 5G completely.

Smartphone manufacturers have been given three months to completely switch over to 5G networks. Samsung and Apple must publicly state that they will be issuing the required updates for all of their 5G-capable smartphones by the middle of November and December, respectively, according to ANI.

Mobile brands such as Oppo, Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, etc already have 5G devices and are more likely to come with more. Many other brands which do not have any 5G devices now are planning to launch some, as the 5G market is apparently going to be one of the biggest markets in India.


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