Huawei Phone faces challenges with 5G  

The market leader in 5G network solutions, Huawei has won awards and accolades for its 5G products. Despite the achievements, Huawei faces a struggle with 5G phones.­­

It captured the huge attention of users in the global market after few days of release. But now it has stopped the making of 5G devices due to several issues.

The major cause is that US has the belief that Chinese technology is not more secure. Due to the corporation receiving US licenses for network equipment, it was viewed as a national danger. In 2019, the US put sanctions due to which many of Huawei’s sources were blocked. It also stopped the 5G-enabled chip due to which Huawei turned towards Qualcomm Snapdragon processors to power up its devices.

SAW and BAW some of the core component of 5G has been mainly occupied by the US. Due to this it can’t be added in Huawei Phones. And the company is also not able to tackle with the budget required for making the 5G phones.


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